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has been serving in different fields such as shopping mall management andproject-based contracting in the furniture sector since 1992, producing andexporting panel furniture under the brand Bella Mobel.

The mission is to deliver the products we prepare to be correct and of good quality to thefinal consumer at the best possible price. In this context, Bella Mobel, withits professional management staff, delivers the products it receives to bothshowroom-owning sellers and e-commerce sellers appropriately.

The visionis to become a global brand by increasing our product quality step by step,creating product ranges that are visually eyeable and pleasing in use. With itsbathroom vanities in a wide range of different designs, colors, and sizes, theBella Mobel brand exports products to more than 20 countries worldwide.

In the bathroom vanities products that we produce with modern machinery andtechniques, materials, and workmanship that have proven themselves in themarket and whose quality has been documented are preferred. Also, what makesour products different is that handmade is surplus and quality workmanship isat the forefront.


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